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Sendmail not working on a solaris 5.10 workstation

I just reloaded a sunfire with Solaris 10 release 08/07 and used the secure option during the initial install.  Im trying to configured sendmail on the machine.  When I send a message from the command line here is the output I receive but the message never arrives.

20 zeus.a1.a.testnet ESMTP Sendmail 8.8.8P1/8.6.9 1308D ready at Fri, 7 Mar 2008 09:22:06 -0500
>>> EHLO february.a1.a.testnet
250-zeus.a1.a.testnet Hello february [], pleased to meet you
250-SIZE 10000000
250 HELP
>>> VERB
250 Verbose mode
>>> MAIL From:<brian@february.a1.a.testnet> SIZE=53
250 <brian@february.a1.a.testnet>... Sender ok
>>> RCPT To:<brian@february.a1.a.testnet>
250 <brian@february.a1.a.testnet>... Recipient ok
>>> DATA
354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
>>> .
050 <brian@february.a1.a.testnet>... Connecting to february.a1.a.testnet. via ld_smtp...
050 <brian@february.a1.a.testnet>... Deferred: Connection refused by february.a1.a.testnet.
250 JAA18891 Message accepted for delivery
brian... Sent (JAA18891 Message accepted for delivery)
Closing connection to zeus.a1.a.testnet.
>>> QUIT
221 zeus.a1.a.testnet closing connection

Ive modified the /etc/default/sendmail file and added the following lines:

I made the following change in the file and changed D{MTAHost}[] to D{MTAHost}[zeus]

When I do a ps and grep for sendmail the following deamons are running:

/usr/lib/sendmail q15m C /etc/mail
/usr/lib/sendmail Ac q15m

Mail on this workstation worked fine until the upgrade.

Any suggestions on what Im missing?
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Brian Utterback
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From the script, it looks like you are sending mail from february to february via a mail host called zeus. Starting in Solaris 10,
mail is expected to go through the local daemon and then get forwarded to the correct mail host. Why did you change the to zeus?
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I was under the impression that I needed to change the to Zeus (mailhost).  Ill remove zeus and make it again.  Where is the location I specify my mailhost?

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Brian Utterback
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Thanks for the quick feedback.  Mail is now working somewhat.  The only other problem I'm having is the message takes 8 minutes to flush through the queue after I send it.  I try manually flushing the queue and it says the message is locked.
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I was able to figure out the problem with the delay in sending mail.