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Problem with Group Policies. The Errors Scecli 1005 and 1202 on the Server.

I recieve following error in Group Policy Results on my XP SP2 clients
Group Policy Infrastructure failed due to the error listed below.

Access is denied.

Note: Due to the GP Core failure, none of the other Group Policy components processed their policy. Consequently, status information for the other components is not available.

Additional information may have been logged. Review the Policy Events tab in the console or the application event log for events between 7.3.2008 11:59:45 and 7.3.2008 12:02:39.

At the same time I am recieveing the errors Scecli 1005 and Scecli 1202 (Security policies were propagated with warning. 0x10d9 : Unable to read from  or write to the database). I have already been browsing for any solution on internet but did not find any that would work. Can you please help me.
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If you can get to the Event Viewer post the Event Viewer information here so we can help further
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I have got no one from events mentioned in the KB article.
but the second article was very useful. actually it did not solve the problem above. it is still there. But I had also problem with KDC Event ID:11. And this KB article together with some additional searching helped me to solve it. Thanx very much.
How can I send you som epoints without ending this question as it is not solved yet?
to TheMetrix:

here are the Event logs from the Server. They are arising each 5 minutes. I am sending just a short part of it as the system is not english and I have to translate it.

Source: Scecli  
Some JET database is corrupt... (here follows a description on how to fix it)

Source: Scecli  
Security policies were propagated with warning. 0x10d9 : Unable to read from  
or write to the database.

I have tested the intergity of the database. it was OK!

It's not necessary. I am glad I could lend asistance with your other problem.

Here is the EventID Information:

This article may help you out:

Have a good weekend!

it looks like, that after solving the KDC Event:11 problem, the second Problem with Scecli is gone! Interesting. Now after 3 days everything looks to be OK. Thanx.
Good to hear!