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Sony, Vegas Movie Studio, 8.0, Crashes a few seconds after opening

When I installed sony vegas studio 8.0, It said it worked on vista. But when I ran it, it didn't work. What incompatibilities could it have? It stops on the splash screen with creating file I/O manager. I tried Sony Tech support, they didn't respond. That was about two weeks ago.

I tried all the compatibility options in properties. I ran it as admin. What else should I do?
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Genius! Thanks so much! Although It wasn't prompt, I realise that I posted when many people also posted. So, thanks for helping me as soon as possible.
My pleasure very happy to know it worked for you, the real credit goes to the source of course
thanks so much I feel your relief   :)
This problem is actually caused by Data Execution Prevention (DEP) to retain AVI functionality, disable DEP for vegas80.exe. You can find DEP setting in advanced system setting > Memory settings
Thanks so much andrew. If I knew that before, I would have awarded you the points.

No problem, I just experienced the problem myself, found this solution, was unsatisfied, continued to research and came up with the correct solution. What's weird about this is that my installation worked initially, but within the past month or so started this. I didn't need really bad until recently though.
Have a great time with your videos!
Andrew Rodgers
Qtek Solutions
I didn't understand at first that it should be Control Panel > System > advanced system setting > Performance Options > Data Execution Pervention (Which is a tab at the top of the window.)