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How to change connection of subreport in VB6.

I have a Report with a subreport. When viewing the report through the CRreport designe, the report and subreport work fine (testing against a test database).

Now, when I run the report against the production database, the report preview does not open. When looking at the the CrystalReport control, I get the following error:
Cannot open SQL server (err#: 20559).

I know the problem is that the subreport logoninfo is not being updated. If I remove the subreport - the report will then work through VB. How do I specify the connection string for the sub report. The subreport is using a stored procedure to return its data.


    With Form1.CrystalReport1
        .LogonInfo(0) = strConnectString
        .ReportFileName = "C:\Program Files\Reports\IHateSubReports.rpt"
        .StoredProcParam(0) = strParam1
        .Destination = 0 'Print preview window
    End With
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