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Is their a way of getting ISA 2006 to route traffic to a VLAN on my LAN

I have created a VLAN on my network and so far have been unable to route traffic from the LAN to the VLAN on a diffrent subnet. Is their a way of getting ISA 2006 to route the traffic form the LAN to the VLAN.
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Nuno Martins
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Hi, I think so.

You need to attribute an ip to your vlan

Default Vlan (Where are all your computers)ip :
Valn 1 ip:
Enable ip routing in the switch
ISA Server ip  internal network IP:

In this scenario you only need to had the following routing table in isa server
Route add mask /p

So every time the Isa server needs to contact the 192.168.3.x network he will send the communications to your switch
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Ok thanks, i have added the route to the ISA server but when a do a tracert the first connection is to the isa server then nothing. If I add a static route to my PC then this works Fine but dont realy want to do that. Think the ISA servers is blocking the traffic do i need to add a  rule to allow the traffic to pass to this VLAN.

What is the default gateway of the Switch.
And what is your default gateway???
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The Default Gateway of the switch is the ISA server Lan Port.
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Managd to sort this add the static route to ISA server using route add, then in ISA 2006 management screen add the VLAN ip range in to the internal address properties and that sorted it.

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Keith Alabaster
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