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Problem with filtering a databound DataGridView

Hi experts

I have a databound DataGridView, which is sortable.
Now I have implemented a copy method with which I can copy rows around. So far so good, but as soon as I filter my DataGridView with RowFilter (respecticly the DataTable) I doesn't work.

The Problem is the line
tRow = krdispo2DataSet.entries.Rows[cRow.Index].ItemArray;

Because cRow.Index refers to the new Index in the DataGridView but it doesn't correspond with the Row entries.Rows[cRow.Index]

Row1 -> INdex 1
Row2 -> Index 2
Row3 -> Index 3

When filtering out Row2

Row3 gets the index 2 but only in the datagridview in my DataTable it still has Index 3.

How can I achieve my copy-method?
Or how do I get from my datagridview row to the datatable row?

DataGridViewSelectedRowCollection sRows = dataGridView1.SelectedRows;
            foreach (DataGridViewRow cRow in sRows)
                DataRow test = cRow.DataBoundItem as ;
                tRow = krdispo2DataSet.entries.Rows[cRow.Index].ItemArray;
                    KrClipBoard.Add(i, tRow);

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Hi, it's an own ClipBoard-Method.
In fact it is just a dictionary.
Why do you need a custom clipboard method?  What does it give you that GetClipboardContent doesn't?

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I was able to easily copy my rows around (the built in method seperated them with tabs)
I know that it would be a pretty handy thing, but unfortunately the whole program is based in my own ClipBoard and until I have time to migrate to the built in mechanism I just need to fix my own mechanism.
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Well, well you convinced me to rewrite my copy-paste mechanism ;-)
After some time it now works with the internal clipboard
Here is an interesting link:

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TheLearnedOne, is it OK when I split the points between us, say 50/50?