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Cannot remove MS Update 918118 "This update cannot be removed" in Add/Remove Programs

I have to remove Microsoft Update 918118 from a Windows XP SP2 computer.  I'll then have to manually do the workaround listed here to negate the vulnerability:

The reason for removing the update is that it confilcts with the version of Inventor we use and does not allow editing of text in drawings when installed.  There is a patch for Inventor, but not our version.

When I go to Add/Remove Programs to uninstall update 918118, it shows up, but says "This update cannot be removed" and there is no button to remove it.

I found this article on Experts-Exchange about a similar issue:

I tried those steps and manually installed the update, but the $NtUninstallKB918118$ folder still does not show up in C:\Windows.  When I search for 918118, I find files and folders in a $hf_mig$ directory.  I tried running the uninstall from a KB918118 folder there, but get an error that spuninst.exe cannot run.  See attached for error.

The problem may be because the system came with XP SP2 installed from Dell.  I'm considering manually installing SP2 and all subsequent updates hoping I'll be able to uninstall 918118 after that.  If anyone's encountered a situation like this or has any suggestions, please post.

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Another easy fix, just download the .dll file that you are missing from here
place it in the folder that you are running the uninstall from, and then try to run the uninstall again.
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Thanks Wcombee.  I tried your suggestion but got an error about an invalid handle.  
This file that the error reports is a "Windows Servicing Setup API" and a different version is located in each $NtUninstallKBXXXXXX$\spuninst folder.

The version you require for 918118 is

I have attached a copy for you to try - rename the .log extension to .dll
Copy the file to the spuninst folder - and try running spuninst.exe again.

I would definitely suggest re-running SP2 - then applying any critical updates if this doesn't work out.
Thanks and235100,

I tried copying the .dll and got the same error again.  

I also re-installed SP2 with WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe downloaded from Microsoft.  It still does not show up as uninstallable.  No updates do!

I'm going to open a case with Dell since it's their OEM build that's causing problems.

Any other options or suggestions would be great though.

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I called Dell.  They use a slipstream image to install the OS with updates.  That's why it could not be uninstalled.  I re-installed with the supplied CD which only has SP2 on it.  I skipped the offending update.  Now there's a problem with Flash Player.  If it's installed, Inventor won't install.  It doesn't appear in Add/Remove Programs, or on the start menu, or in Program Files, but there are registry entries referring to it.  It must be added into Dell's OEM build somehow.
Yes - I can confirm that all the images I have seen from Dell have a version of the flash player integrated.

Adobe provide an uninstaller:

But - you obviously cannot keep going to every PC to remove it...
I don't know whether a script can remove the flash player - I will look into it...
Thanks and235100,

I tried the Adobe uninstallers and they didn't resolve the issue either.  I called Dell and they weren't much help.  

I noticed that a Microsoft Update file was the only file in a Macromedia folder, so I rebuilt, installed Inventor, then did the Microsoft Updates.  It worked!