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Exchange DB corrupt

I am running exchange 2003 sp2 on windows 2003 R2.
have a single stoage group. "First storage group". with the mailstores
mailboxes 1 (a-l), Mailboxes 2(m-z), and resource mailboxes.
one of the mailstores became corrupt. mailboxes 1.
I created a temp folder called exchangeold and Moved the .edb, stm and all the log files from teh MDBDATA directory, leaving the other .edb, .stm, edb.emp,tmp, .e00.log, .chk file and res files since they are all shared and cant be copied. Question 1. how is it the working 2 databases didnt have any issues once the logs where moved ?  
back to problem. so i swtich the the temp directory run eseutil on the db and its dirty shutdown. and i run eseutl /ml on the log files and there are 2 logs corrupt.
so I then move the log files back Minus the corrupt ones. and i do a restore from the night before, figuring that the backup will run and it will just play the trasnaction logs but will stop and only get back up till that log.   i did make sure that the database can be overwriten and to mount after restore completed.

this failed so i tried to run an eseutil /d on it to and got an error: operation terminated with error -544 soft recovery is intended on a backup database. restore should be used instead. BUT this is the restored database.  also in the event viewer errored saying that there where missiing transaction logs.

So can someone explain how or what i did wrong and what i am doing wrong when the database is corrupt with mulitiple storage groups.

Ohh i also tried eseutil /r e00 /i but that cant be done since the other dbs share it and its in use.
I cant dismount the other stores either.

so any advise step or proper way to handle this would be great.

should i do a dial tone mount a black one for send/recieve, then do a eseutil /r on the corrupt db., but then how can i get that into a recovery group to run exmerge ?

what is the proper way to handle the situaiton, cause i cant figure it out.
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