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Removal of server from eDirectory Tree

Should be a quicky for you guys. I added a new NetWare 6.5.6 server to my tree using the Basic File Server build. It did not have a replica, and was only a secondary time server. After I installed Backup Exec 9.2, the server would not boot. Since there was nothing on it but a minimal NetWare install, I just reinstalled without thinking. Now I need to remove the server, pool and volume objects from the tree. I'm pretty sure it's as simple as just deleting them in C1.

Is this in fact true and is there any order to delete them in?

Are there any other objects I have overlooked or any other things to consider?
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Hmmm.... you're right, this is a minimal impact deletion.

I'm not entirely sure if just deleting the Server and Volume objects is the best way to go about it. Check the Novell Support website for TIDs on this subject, but there may be some additional cleanup (for example, license objects and SSL certs) that you'll want to do.
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You may also want to run a DSREPAIR after deleting the obsolete objects.
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I'm using the only TID (3338221) I could find on the matter.

I have verified that the time is synchronized.
I have verified that there were no replicas on the server.
I am trying to delete the server object in C1, and it won't do anything. When I try to delete it, I am given the options of YES, NO and HELP. NO and HELP work as expected. Clicking YES does nothing.

Any ideas?

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Glad you found the trick. Yeah, iManager is preferred over ConsoleOne.

The TID looks to be the right roadmap.

I'd still suggest a DSRepair (launched from NDS iMonitor, not at the server console) run against the replica-hosting servers in the tree, just to make sure everything is neat and tidy.
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