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Upgrade/Re-Install WatchGuard System Manager 9.0 to 9.1.2 on Firebox x1000

We have a Firebox X1000. We  use Watchguard System Manager  9.0  with WatchGuard Firebox System 7.5 (Not Fireware or Fireware Pro).
When we try to save a change we made in WSM to the Firebox, we get an error message Error connecting to Firebox: Unable to `putcfg: no access, bad command or file not found.
Tech support suggests that the WSM software has become corrupted, and that we should uninstall the software from its current location, and install WSM 9.1.2 on a different machine. Here are the steps that they suggest we take. Can I get some suggestions, confirmation, etc. that Im doing the right thing and am correctly backing up what I need for a fresh install? Im new to Watchguard and this site, so Im trying to be as careful as possible. Im trying to upgrade this later this afternoon while we have a window of opportunity.

1.      In WSM 9.0, Connect to Device.
2.      Open Policy Manager. The current configuration file opens.
3.      From the Policy Manager File Menu, Save the current configuration file to a different computer.  (I guess it would be prudent to document all the settings using screen shots, just in case we had to reconfigure from scratch. Thoughts?)
4.      From the Watchguard System Manager, Tools Menu Choose WFS Flash Disk Management.
5.      Make Backup of Current Image  This will create an .fbi file  to a different computer. (this was my idea, not tech support)
6.      At this point do I have the info I need for a fresh  install of WSM 9.1.2? Have I covered myself if we had to completely start over?
7.      Uninstall WSM 9.0 from computer A.
8.      Install WSM 9.1 on computer B.
9.      Install WSM 9.1.2 upgrade on Computer B.
10.      RESTART FIREBOX X1000 appliance. (he suggested pulling the plug, but we can power down remotely).
11.      Start WSM 9.1.2 on computer B.
12.      Connect to device (i.e. my firebox x1000)
13.      Open Policy Manager  not sure what will happen here. Tech support says there should be an option to import the config file that I saved in step 3.
14.      Then save that config file to the Firebox.
15.      As a simple test, should I make a small change, say to the webblocker message page, then save config file to the Firebox and make sure it worked.

Again, am I missing anything here? Watchguard tech support isnt the greatest (they always seem like they are trying to get you off the phone) and the 9.1 release notes dont completely spell out this situation. Any input and help would be appreciated.  I feel like it should be straight forward, but few things ever seem to work out that way. :-)

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