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What is the best practice for maintaing an up-to-date copy of a Transction Database

Hello there,

I have a massive database on SQL Server 2005, with some tables exceeding 100 million records.

Basically, I need to maintain an exact copy of that database for reporting purposes.

I'm aware of the Replication and Mirroring concepts, but I thought I  just seek your professional advice on how to simply copy that database and have an automated procedure for updating the copy, whenever the original database is updated.

The database copy will reside on the same server and it is meant only for reporting purposes.

Appreciate any advice on the above.

Thanks and regards,

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Hello Mehawitchi,

If it is on the same server, why do you need another copy ? you can use the same db

GOD Bless,
Aneesh R.
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Thanks aneeshattingal: for your reply.

It's just for safety reasons.

I'm not really comfortable with users quering my main database. Plus, what if I needed to update the database. the update is usually masive and involves bulk-inserting around 180,000 records in each upload.

Thanks again
If it is on the same instance, then just create a database snapshot...
Thanks chapmandew

Any suggestions as to how to automate the updating of this snapshot, whenever the original databse gets updated.

Thanks again,

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Thanks chapmandew

Greatly appreciated