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Showing "Post Reply" and "New Post' to guests in SMF Forum

I seem to recall changing a setting that would hide "New Post" and "Post Reply" to guest of my forum. I need to turn this back on, but can't find the setting.

How do i turn this feature back on. I"m using the default theme.
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I don't use that forum as an admin but I didn't think it came (by default) with an option to allow Guests to post.  They do seem to offer a Mod that will add that capability.  Take a look at Anonymous Posting (

Let me know if you have a question or how that helps.

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Guest posting is dependent on a permission for the Guests membergroup.

Go to Admin --> Permissions. In the  Permissions By Membergroup tab, click on the Modify link for Guests; scroll down to Global Board Permissions, Topics section and select these permissions:

"Post new topics" (for new topics)
"Post replies to topics -- Any topic" (for new replies)