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PIX515E 8.0(3), ASDM 6.0(3) , Connections dropping, slow internet


Recently i upgraded a PIX 515E with 32MB and I also upgraded the device to the latest PIX software version 8.0(3) and the latest asdm 6.0(3).
After monitoring the asdm, it looks like there is a memory leakage or something is growing day by day in the memory (i don't think its the logging..)

After a reload/reboot the system uses 55/57MB of memory and after checking it a day later it is about 63/64MB!
The system has an average of 2% CPU usage (30 users)
How much memory does a pix on average use (since is loads its binary from flash into the fast "dram" memory)

Since we have the new version i entered (local and isp) DNS servers and enabled/configured smtp delivery for certain AAA and VPN events.
I also removed some old CA lines..

I have attached the running config and some hard/software pix info.

How can i reduce the memory foot print and stop that the pix is dropping connections or being unresponsive (connection reset by peer on vpn's ea.)?

Thnx in advance.
Regards, Rick

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Oh, thats bad :-)

The ASA uses the same software so it seems, and also has the same memory leakage.. (CSCsj84640)
You can guess when the ASA 55XX series are updated with security/stability fixes, the pix will get them also..
But no new features will be added I suppose..

I don't think i can convince the management to buy the new asa series, they will tell me to downgrade :-(
we have to save some money on IT to replace other equip.



I wish it was better news. For what it's worth, I have several ASA's running 8.03 and narry a problem..