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Setting up mailbox access on Outlook 2000

Hello, I am just a regular user at a company that  uses Outlook 200 and Exchange.
We receive customer orders on an email account called

My boss told me this morning that I need to monitor the inbound emails on this box.  I have sent an email account to out IT department to give me access.

Once that is accomplished, what will I need to do in my client copy of Outlook to see that account?

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Unsure about OL 2000 but in 2003/2007 you edit the mail account (control panel->E-mail). Under Advanced you add the additional account(s) (mailbox) you want to open.
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You mean Windows 'Control panel'?  I don't have an E-Mail icon in there....
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Disregard previous.. I see it.  I will try that once I get access.  Thanks
That's because you're not admin on your computer. You need to ask an admin to do the settings on your email account as of my previous post
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