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SQL 2005 security / login issues

We have a SQL 2005 database set up to use the OS strong password policy.  When you violate the policy, e.g., login incorrectly 3 times, you are locked out.

Where does SQL store the fact that you are locked out?
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In the Server Manager Studio - Security - Login, double click on the user.
Login Properties - user name appears.
Select Status.
Under Status - there is a check box Login is locked out.
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alter login loginname with check_policy = off, enable
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what I need to know is where it is actually, physically stored -- is it in a table that we can query?

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thanks, chap.  What's interesting here, and what I can't figure out, is this query does return the user name, etc., but nowhere in sys.server_principals or any of the joined tables can you actually see a column that says "this user is locked."    This will solve our problem, and I'm considering this question as being answered, but we could get a better solution if we could put a trigger on a specific table.  It must be something in the LOGINPROPERTY class that is figuring this out.  I don't get it!  :-)

Thanks for your help.
No, you can't put triggers on system tables...

...what you might be able to pull off is a database level trigger or a server trigger that tracks when a user or login is altered.  Here are a couple of articles I wrote a long time ago that will show you how...

Otherwise, you're gonna have to use the query...not sure why MS did it that way, but that query is what I pulled from profiler when I looked to see if a user is locked out in management it is the same query MS uses to tell if an account is locked out...

Thanks ...