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rotate image without causing ANY distortion

I need to rotate an image in without causing any distortion. This is important because I need the exact pixel coordinates to match an hashmap I have. Any change will not do. When I use a standard algorythm the image blurs.
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You should be able to let the .NET framework do all the "heavy lifting". Check out the help on System.Drawing.Image. This class has a method named RotateFlip that should do everything you need. One potential gotcha is that the image format may have some influence on how the actual rotation is processed, but if you are working with a standard bitmap, I think it will do what you want.

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My comment is more to the point than many comments I have received regarding my own questions.
I agree with broadbent. Lacking any further clarification from the original poster as to why it might not have been sufficient, broadbent's answer seems about as to the point (sorrry, couldn't resist) as could be asked for.
Although ... in re-reading, I see you beat me to the pun (ah well, I guess I'm not as original as I thought).