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log on locally

i have a user taht is not able to logon to her pc it says that she can not log on locally. I went into policies on teh srever and made sure her account is in log on locally right is there something else I can check?
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If the machine is trying to log her on locally, it means it is failing to authenticate her against active directory.  That's usually a problem with connectivity to the domain controllers or a problem with the computer account.   Steps to troubleshoot:
- Log on to the problem pc with your network account.  If successful, check connectivity in whatever ways make sense, i.e. ping the dc's by FQN, do an ipconfig /all, etc.  If your account has the same problem, log on with the local administrator account and perform the same checks.
- If you have no connectivity, obviously that's the issue to address.
- If you do have connectivity and can resolve and ping the domain controllers, you will want to troubleshoot for an expired password or other problem with the computer account.  Easiest fix is to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LOCAL ADMIN ACCOUNT, then take the pc out of the domain, then rejoin it to the domain.

If neither tack works, check the system, security, and application event logs and let me know what errors you're seeing.

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