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Word Documents opening Slow

I have about 6 machines, that are on a domain. When they try open certain Word documents, it takes like 45 to 50 seconds for it to open. I did a few steps that I found on experts-exchange questions, but none of them worked. Does anyone have any suggestions. If you need more info just let me know what you need. Thank you
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One possibility is a timeout - are the documents in anyway linked to other documents? Do they contain DB queries?

Does the macro warning appear when the documents load? If so does disabling the macros make a difference.

Are the documents on a LAN share? Has the LAN share been accessed before the documents are open?

Does a second open go much faster than a first open?

Do the PCs that are having problems have inadequate amount of RAM?
In addition to rheitzman's suggestions, I might suggest making sure that the pc's which are having problems have the temp files cleared. If Word has crashed on them a couple of times, you may find Word spending time trying manuever the temp files.

Dawn Crosier
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You may have checked it already, but if it is always the same documents, has their attached template gone missing?
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yes its a lan share on the file server... The files do not go much faster the second time, I tried that. i even tried copying the file locally and it still opened slowly... The machines are brand new, and have plently of everything...

Nothing is missing, the file opens fine.. It just takes a long time to open. I deleted all temp files as well..

I tried to delete the printers, did something in the registry that i found. I even saw something about fonts, i didnt try that. i dont think that the problem, its more then one computer...
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So what happened was that there was a company logo, on top of each document. No one knew where the logo was, so I explained like you said. Word is trying to look for the logo, and taking time to open. So I had them copy the logo into the direectory and told them to replace the logo as they go along, so it will open quicker.
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Could be you can use that solution, In Word 2007, you can click on Office logo in upper left corner and scroll down to "prepare document" and choose "examine document" after you examine your documents you could remove any tag's that word find disturbing to process to open that document, you can finish that with save that document ...
good luck...