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Adobe PDF Form: Would like print button on form to print only last page in document, or subform, or current page

I have a 20 page document (say an Employee Handbook) and the final page is a signature page. I would like the Print button I put on the final page print only that page. We are only interested in hard copies of the signature page.

I thought about making the last page a subform and printing that, but my knowledge is limitted. It would seem that I could add/change the java code assocaited to accomplish this.
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not being an expert at Javescript, but if you create a button and the specify JS as Action and use the code snippet below, that should print your current page irrespective of where it is in the PDF.

this.print(false, this.pageNum, (this.pageNum));  

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Sorry that didn't do anything
I am increasing the points, as no one has found a solution.
If I could offer more points, i would. Anyone?
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Under File, Properties Advance, Print Page Range, in the box enter 15,20 or 12-14,20

Only the pages specified will be selected (by default) user can still change what they want to print.  Hope this helps (if you did not already have a solution)