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Convert string parameter to datetime

I've got a problem similar to the one in

The report is called from a 3rd-party application that only accepts user input for parameters as strings.  I need to convert a 4-digit string (yyyy) to compare it against a DateTime field.  I've been attempting to add on January 1st to the date.

StringVar sRawDate := ToText({?p01SinceYear} + '0101');

When I try to do the date conversion

CDate(left(sRawDate,4), mid(sRawDate,5,2), right(sRawDate,2));

I get an error saying that highlights the middle and right parameters, saying there are too many arguments.
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This should work for you...

StringVar sRawDate := ToText({?p01SinceYear}  + '0101');

Date(cdbl(left(sRawDate,4)), cdbl(mid(sRawDate,5,2)), cdbl(right(sRawDate,2)))
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I've put


in as a formula field called f02SupYear ( and it saves cleanly.  When I'm in the Select Expert and try to create a criteria comparing against a DateTime field, the f02SupYear doesn't show up in the list of values I can select.  

So, I did an edit of the entire selection formula,

{entity.entity_type} = "I" and
not ({member.mem_cat} in ["MEDIA", "MLN", "MLR", "MNCHAM", "UNISON"]) and
{member.mem_stat} = "A" and
{class.descrip} startswith "Supervision" and
{class_sched.loc_id} in ["EA-PLY", "EA-STP"] and
{class_sched.start_dt} >= DateTime (2006, 01, 01, 00, 00, 00) and
{class_part.part_stat} in ["C", "E"]

and replaced the
{class_sched.start_dt} >= DateTime (2006, 01, 01, 00, 00, 00)
{class_sched.start_dt} >= DateTime (Val({?p01SinceYear}), 01, 01, 00, 00, 00)

and it works.  Since bdreed35 came up with the basis for the solution, I'm assigning the points there.