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Microsoft, Exchange, 2003 SP2, IMF Filter stopped working after update (KB907747) 2008:03:03

I have tried restarting Virtual SMTP with the IMF filter On and Off, restarted the SMTP service, checked my registry settings and all looks fine. So im a bit stuck in the mud really. Any idea's?

Thanks Marc.
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Nuno Martins
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Please verify in the properties of your smtp if you have the filter enabled?
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Hi nfmartins,

Please find attached a srceen print.
How do you attach?


IMF Filter ticked on, Recipient Filter on, Port 25.

What else do you require?
Have you tried removing the update?

Not yet. I have looked in Add & Remove Programs, but the only one in the list in the first update after I install the IMF update in the registry.

Should I remove this one?

You can try, if the problem mantaines you can try to reinstall the IMF
That is how IMF appears in Add/Remove programs. It always appears under the same KB ID number. The IMF white paper explains how the updates work.

OK so I have removed it. What do I do to get it back on again?
So I need to download which exe file from Microsoft? It doesn't say. I am running SP2 of Exchange, I thought it was built in to SP2? And the stand alone was only for IMF version 1. So do I need to install SP2 for exchange again?
Try following this steps:
Please Tell me what was the results .
You can't reinstall IMF separately. It is now built in to Exchange. The only thing you can download manually is the update file.

Hi Sembee,

Any idea's how how to fix my little problem? Reinstall SP2 update from the CD? Or just keep going though the web til I find something?

Have you reinstalled the update for IMF from Microsoft?
Did you look at the IMF white paper on how to reapply the previous IMF definition?

Hi Simon,

I have reinstalled the IMF from windows update but I have not restarted the Exchange server yet. Where about is the whitepaper to restore the previous definition?

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Thankyou Simon,

Had to roll back to the update a the end of Jan '08, But all working again now. Any idea if this problem will arise on future updates?