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Replacing tables with divs

If I replace a 2 cell table with the following <div> structure:
<div class="outer">
  <div class="leftCell">some content of varying height</div>
  <div class="rightCell">some other content of varying height</div>

I can set the width of div leftCell and rightCell and float to left and right respectively, but how can I make the leftCell and rightCell the same height as with a table cell? People say use Faux columns, can anyone provide a simple example please?

(The reason I need equal height is that the cells might have different background colours, or the outer cell might repeat as a row, in which case I wouldn't want the secong leftCell floating to below a short rightCell above.)
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you could use style="height: <xx>px; min-height: <xx>px; max-height: <xx>px;" attribute, or define a css class for it an apply it on the divs.
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Mark Steggles
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Steggs, your explanation was good and just what I wanted, it works well, thanks. I don't fully understand the  yet, it looks a bit like a 'workaround', but it works.

Even though I could explain it I dont think I will try... search around on the internet about why it is a good idea to 'clear floats'