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How do you print/enlarge something multiple pages?

I want to print one sentence over multiple pages.  I guess it could also be considered enlarging the sentence.  

eg: print "This is my sentence" over four of five pages in landscape.

I thought there was an option in Print but I can't seem to find it.
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After you set the orientation to landscape,you could insert a page break where you need them and that would spread the words across all 5 pages.  Also make sure your font is big enough.  It only goes up to 72pt, but you can manually type in any number.  It's pretty rough, but it works.  Good luck!
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There's no setting in Word that'll spread the printing out over the number of pages you want to make something?
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While I'm sure the solution offered works I also didn't ask the right question, I believe.  The solution ended up being to print the document as a banner.