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Keep computer from going to sleep

I work from home sometimes on my work computer. When I do, I am able to do many things around the house, but I always have to go to my laptop and nudge the mouse so my laptop wont go to sleep or stand-by which shows me as "away" due to inactivity. i cannot modify many system settings like disable screen saver, time to go to sleep, etc.. I was wondering if there is some sort of scheduler or script that I can use that will make my boss:) and my computer think that I am still sitting there and wont let my computer change my status to "away". Maybe the solution could move the mouse cursor for me every 3 minutes or bring up some application. Please let me know if anymore information is needed.
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You could script powercfg in a batch file - if you had the access to the registry. Then schedule the batch file to run every 10 minutes or so - in case group policy attempts to make the change back.

@echo off
powercfg.exe /setactive "Always On"
powercfg.exe /change /standby-timeout-ac 0
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Okay......That is the coolest thing I could have ever imagined!!! I cannot thank you enough!! You rock!!! Slackers everywhere that telecommute thank you!!!