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Stats on my website? The BIG difference AWStats vs. Webalizer


There is a huuuuuuge difference between two kinds of stats on my website:

1) Webalizer said the on Monday there were about 100,000 visits
2) AWStats said that on the same Monday there were about 14,000 visits

Why is there such a difference? Which stats are right?
What professional solutions do you recommend?

Best of all good wishes,
The Terrible
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I use AWStats and google analytics. Its hard to say why one is greater than the other with out knowing everything.

e.g. Webalizer might run, then logrotate then awstats, which means awstats doesnt parse the complete log file.
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My first guess is that they are counting visits differently. Webalizer I am 99% sure counts the number of total gets/posts.  AWStats might be trying to actually count visits, so it may being trying to combine gets/posts that are from the same source IP address that are all coming in at the same time.

Remember, when you get a web page, there are multiple gets.  A get is a hit, but 10 gets to retrieve  all information to render a single page is a visit.
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OK. From what I feel is that:

1) Total gets/posts equals Hits
2) I have another feeling that 10 hits might be the Pages section here

I have attached stats from both the programs.
Is there any alternative?
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Honestly, for most people looking for a stats program, Google Analytics is awesome and takes very little system resources on your webserver (since you don't host it).  Nothing to break, nothing to maintain, and very detailed reports.
Thank you :)