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Activesync on P1i not working, server error: 500 , 0x7370D02 (activeSyncErrTransactionFailed)


Im having some problems getting any of my SE phones to sync with my exchange server.
In datawiz activesync software im getting,

Server ERROR : 500
*** Please try to sync again.  If this error persists, restart your phone and try to sync again"

0x7370D02 (activeSyncErrTransactionFailed)
***Sync failed!

I just started using SE phones and i cant really find another logfile except the one that error is in.

My specs on the server are: Windows 2003 standard edition SP2, exchange 2003 SP2, Sharepoint 2003.
I can access the /oma dir if i browse it from IE.

Any ideas are appreciated
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im running this with SSL options btw, my OWA and OMA site are working perfectly over https.

I also have a router that manages our network connection where 443 is forwarded to the exchange/iis server and port80 is the admin interface for the router
Did you try to sync with http:// instead of https:// ?
(btw, OMA has nothing to do with Active Sync, it's OWA all along).
Yeah ive tried without the SSL option, but as i only have port 443 forwarded to the server that dosnt work.

Ok, i though OMA meant outlook mobile access ? what is oma good for then ?
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