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Sonicwall WIFI make it as part of the LAN

Hope I can find a resolution here.
I was reading previous threads on accessing lan from wlan, while they helped.
The wireless clients can only access resources using ip address.  

Is there a setting, or a way to tell the wlan to use the same ip range as the lan?  like a linksys or dlink?

Maybe tell the sonicall  to look for the wins server?

I would like for the wlan clients to appear to be on the lan. that way they can use network resources with out me having to setup a host table on each machine.  

Any suggestions?
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Ok, so from what I can tell from your question is you have a Sonicawall AP/Router/Firewall, and your wireless clients can not use names to access your wired clients. This is most likely because the sonic wall is blocking wins and/or netbios on your wireless side for security reasons. Disable this and you should be good to go. Try also, insure that your wins server is being assinged properly by your DHCP server.
YOu don't say what your DHCP server is, or if it's the same for Lan and for WiFi zones.

Basic Sonicwall policy is that WiFi clients should NOT have blanket access to the LAN coz WiFi is inherently secure, so they recommend you use VPN to connect the WiFi users to the LAN. But you *can* turn all that off and enable full traffic passthrough between LAN and WiFi zones. However, the Microsoft protocols that fill in the machine name browsers in your "view entire network" type dialogs do NOT pass properly across routed networks. So the browser lists may never fill themselves in completely. You don't indicate if you're using Workgroups or a Windows Domain.

ONE ALTERNATIVE is that if you really don't "grok" the way Sonicwall do Wireless, stop using the Sonicwall built-in WiFi and just plonk an ordinary WiFi access point on the LAN segment. If you do that, the Sonicwall never even knows about it, all WiFi users are just part of the LAN automatically - but if you do that, make sure your WiFi security is set a a level commensurate with the security requrements of your network. If you are not the IT dept then do NOT do this without checking first with the IT dept.

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The DHCP server is the server for wired connections. The sonicwall, is used for the DHCP on the wireless. I have added the wins server to the dhcp for the wireless clients, still no positive results.
The wireless security being used is  WPA TKIP with a sentence for the passphrase.  
The server is used in workgroup mode, not domain services. The server also provides wins and wired dhcp.  I was unable to see where to set the dhcp server to the server in the wireless setup. I thought assigning the wins service to the server would resolve this.

ccomley: you mentioned that all of the "sonicwall security" could be turned off?  I agree with you that I don't necisarrily want it off, however I just need the wireless clients to work using UNC.  I don't really care if the wireless is a sepreate ip network, VPN probably won't work well, since there are over 50 wireless clients a bit cost prohibitive to access a network inthe same building.  I like the power and reliability of the wireless provided with the sonic wall, purchasing another WAP seems kind of a waste or resources, and as you mentioned bypassing security monitoring that has already been paid for.

For a stop gap I have gone to each machine and modified the hosts file.  Not the solution I really desire.
I am unsure if there is somethign I am still missing or is the hosts file the only solution for me?

Thanks again for all the though and help.

The only solution I have found for this so far has been to use a hosts file and manually enter the ip address.

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