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pivot table

I need result from one table as SQL select. I am using SQLEXPRESS 2005. I need something look like pivot table in MS EXCEL.

data for example

name       time        part
john           10           I.
mike            5           II.
candy          7           I.
mike             13          III.
john            10          I.
candy           6            II.
leo                 8           III.

and I need SQL select result order by part total descending

name        part I.         part II.               part III.     part total
john            20              0                       0               20
mike            0                5                      13             18
candy         7                 6                      0                13
leo               0                0                       8                8

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Patrick Matthews
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Hello Patrick

Thank you for your quick answer. I try to run your script by SQL Manager 2008 for SQL Server. I got this error. Error converting data type varchar to bigint.

My data has this sctructure: name is varchar, time is bigint and part is char.

any reason plase?

You accepted the answer; is there still a problem, or did you figure it out?

Not sure where the error came from.  When I tested it, I had [name] and [part] both as
varchar(50), and [time] as int.