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Any way around the 99 file limit when burning a movie

I'm using Nero Vision to burn my home movie clips to a DVD.  It will only let me select 99 files even though there is still plenty of room on the DVD for more.  I'm trying to get the best clips from 35 hours of movies to fit on 1 disk.  I made the clips short but now it looks like I'v got a problem.
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Will your player find them if you put them in a folder?
Errr... will Nero Vision let you put them in a folder?
I've noticed most commercial DVDs have some files in folders.

That file limit is only for the root directory of a disk; there is no limit once you go into a folder (but just reading the file list will start to take a few seconds longer once you get over a couple thousand files in one folder). The last I knew for sure, the limit for the root was 128 12345678.123 (i.e. DOS convention) filenames. Apparently Nero's counting on some of them using extra because of long filenames.
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Footnote, if you have not done this before I found the best way to burn to DVD,
in these stpes,
 once the authored video is completed with chapters music whatever you wish to do you come to the final stage
save it first..
then please choose write to Hard drive first
 it will write the video to your desktop or chosen directory in a VIDEO_TS folder,,
then open Nero burning rom and choose DVD video >NEW
copy out the contents of the new finalised VIDEO_TS DVD folder on your desktop ( contents only not the folder) to NEW VIDEO_TS folder in Nero and burn.
I just open the VIDO_TS folder use the edit select all and drag into the new VIDEO_TS folder on the NERO page.
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I'm finally almost done.  I tried your export suggestions and it works great.  I've got 14 years of videos so I'm exporting each year separately.  The final DVDs will have a chapter for each year.  Thanks for your very excellent suggestions.
You're welcome schmir1,
Indeed enjoy your new DVD's creations sit back and relish your hard work you earnt it.
All the best