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domain users local admins of there workstations

i have a windows 2003 active directory environment. i have a user that is a local admin group of teh box but they try to uninstall a prohram it says they do not have admin rights? any help
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Make sure they are not a member of the local guests group.
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no part of domain users on teh domain and part of local admin on teh workstation
Hi there, is the users account shown as a member of the local admins group on the workstation for sure, it's not showing as S-1-1blahblahblah?
Can they not uninstall anything, or is it just one program they are having problems with?
Have you tried re-registering msiexec, if not try that.
Link here:
Good luck.
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thank you for all the great ideas. I am trying to uninstall the google tool bar I will try your ideas thank you