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Does SqlDataSource.DataBind() call RowDataBound again??


I have a GridView using SqlDataSource.
I also have this RowDataBound method in wich I change the color of row after checking the value in a cell.

I have this commandbutton which will run the updae method which updates the value of that cell I use to change the color of the row.

After the I click the button to call the update, I need to refresh the GridView which in turn I am hoping it would call the RowDataBound method in which it changes the color of the row.

It looks like the RowDataBound is called once when the page is loaded.
How can I call that method again??

I tried the calling the sqldatasource.Databind() but it didn't call the rowdatabound.
Thanks much.
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Came a little too late.
You got it.
I got confused with the SqlDataSource.DataBind with the GridView.DataBind.
Thanks anyway.