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Alternative to Sonicwall Global VPN Client for Vista 64-bit


I need to be able to connect to a Sonicwall VPN through one of their firewalls; however, this is proving to be a daunting task due to the face that the client operating system is Vista 64-Bit.  I have tried signing up for the upcoming beta of the Global VPN Client, but this has been delayed for the past four months and who knows when it will finally be released for public testing.

The only information I am supposed to require to connect to this network is that the IPSec Keyring mode is IKE using a preshared secret and that password.  I have this information and the host-name for the VPN, but this does little for me due to the fact that I can't even install the Global VPN Client.

So my question:  Is there an alternative to GVC that I can use such as any generic VPN client?  Mainly, I'd like to use the built in VPN connectivity features of Windows, but I don't see anywhere to define the specific IPSec Keyring mode, only somewhere to put in a preshared key.  Does anyone have experience in setting this up, or know of any other workarounds I could employ to connect to this VPN?

If I can't get this working, it seems like my only option will be to install Microsoft VPC and use a a virtual XP machine to work remotely through.

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I can't find it by logging into mysonicwall.  Could you send it to
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Here is a link to their ftp server:
Thanks for your help Scott.  
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Thank you Scott, I have gotten it working successfully.
I have tried installing this on windows 2003 64-bit, it installs but an unknown device shows up in the device manager.  That is the virtual adapter.  I contacted SonicWALL and since the 4.1 is the beta they don't support it.  I need this to work for an offsite NAS solution.  Any thoughts?
Hi dsanta. It is the GVC 4.1 version release Feb 29th 08? Normally I would recommend using a removal tool and doing a clean install after a restart. I will have to check to determine if Sonicwall has a removal tool for the 64 bit version.  
I did not see a 64 bit removal tool.
Tony, any chance you can email it to me?
Tony -- I can't find the 64-bit beta on Sonicwall's site (I logged in and everything), nor on any of the above posted links. Would it be possible for you to email me the software, or a download link?

I'm at

Thanks much.
Hello tonyc6601
Please send the Client to me, I have a Windoows Vista x64 Business and cannot connect to our Sonicwall 2040 Pro.
Alex_Diedler (at)

I will email it to all of you :-) It is a 11 MB file

I've looked everywhere for a 64 bit GVC version released after the Dec 2007 beta (which crashed my machine repeatedly.)  If you don't have a link, I'd appreciate an email also.  Thank you for being willing to share.


PS. Sonicwall's website says the final versiono of the 64 bit client will be available in 2nd Quarter 2008, so this may all be over on Monday.  ;-)
Hi tonyc6601
                               Can i have your E-Mail ID. I need Global VPN 4.1. If possible please send it to
my email is Sorry, but I have not monitored this much. The latest GVC 64 bit gvc client is 411.302.
Tony, is there any chance you could e-mail this to me as well? Thanks in advance.
I email GVC 411 to you at
Hi tonyc6601
                              I really need Global VPN 4.1. with 64 bit support.  I've spoken to Sonicwall support who say only selected beta tester clients can have a copy.  If possible please send it to
I email it.
if possible can someone please email me the global vpn 64 bit client at I would really appreciate it.

Can you also send to  Thank you VERY much,  this is needed very badly...

I also need this badly, and it doesn't appear to be available on the Sonicwall site or FTP anywhere. Can someone mail this to me? (
Can someone email me the file as well.  Thanks!!!
can someone send me the 64bit as well, im on vista :(
Hi Tony,

I also tried on mysonicwall but no luck. Could you please send me the file.

appreciate the help.

Can some one who has the 64 bit Vista Global VPN Client send it to me please.
Can someone email me the 64-bit version as well? Our mysonicwall login with the registered hardware is long lost.
Could someone send the x64 client to

Just finished turnin my laptop into Server 2008, workstation style, and could really use this.

Thank you!
Could someone send the x64 client to

Could someone send the x64 client to --->   <----

Thank you.
Can someone email me a copy of the SonicWall 64 bit Vista Global VPN Client.

Many Thanks!

Could someone also send me a copy of this? I appreciate it, thank you!

sent to everyone that has added an entry since my last send
Pleas help me.. if possible can someone please email me the global vpn 64 bit

For those of you that need it, i found a page from Sonicwall that describes how to obtain the beta software.

Gotta go through about 12 pages in their forum, but here it is. Keep in mind, it is BETA software, so use at your own risk and all that other disclaimer stuff.
I've followed the instructions but for some reason it hasn't become available on My Downloads. If someone has the time, could they please email me the latest beta?

Thanks in advance!
Hate to be another, but I need a copy of the beta too if anyone's got it and has a moment. I'm managing an IT environment that I inherited, and no one knows who the product was originally registered to. Thanks in advance.
If you don't mind could I get a copy of the 64-bit VPN beta as well.

Many Thanks.
Could anyone please email me a 64 bit beta copy for Vista at

Thank you very much.
Need help too!  Please email to

Thanks a lot!  I know it is a pain but you are making a lot of people's lives much easier!
Same story, could someone send me the x64 VPN client?
Please mail to

many thanks
An email copy of that file would be appreciated coming my way as well.

Thanks community. if anyone has it.

never mind, I am now an official beta tester, wow
I need it too.  Tahnks for sharing...

my email is

Please send also to
I have sent 64 bit client to most of the above emails ID's.


I'm looking for this too and would be grateful for a link or the file.  jbunker at newsinc dot com.

Thank you.
Hey guys, I too am in desperate need of the 64 bit GVC 4.1 ...   alatteri at akuasolutions dot com
Thanks much.
I would appreciate if you can send me the file - thanks!
nanachus at yaho dot com
Thank you for the link.  It worked perfectly on Vista 64-bit Ultimate
Thanks for the link big_daddy0690 !
Could you send it to
Please and thank you.
Does not work with Windows 7 64bit