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Inserting newline into Apache error log

Ok, here's an easy one -- I'm using php's error_log() function to send error messages to the Apache log. (I'm on Windows, PHP 5.2.5 and Apache 2.2.8.) I'd like to insert a line break in my error messages. \r and \n both don't do the job (they show up exactly as "\r" and "\n" in the log... doh!).

Any trick to this? Is it like an Apache or PHP config option I'm overlooking or something?

sample of what I'm getting (note "\n"):

[Fri Mar 07 13:29:41 2008] [error] [client] poll calc:\nfield 13 (Four), 4 out of 19 is 21% (stuffed in field 4), referer: http://localhost/page.php
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Enclose the error message in double quotes, not apostrophes:
Good: error_log("Hello \nWorld",...
Bad:  error_log('Hello \nWorld',...;
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Yeah, I'm doing that. No dice.
You can't put a line break in the error log... a new line in the error log represents a new error
From what I read on the comments section of the manual, you can't do multi-line log entries. The "workaround" that is suggested is:

$errlines = explode("\n",$errmsg);
foreach ($errlines as $txt) { error_log($txt); }
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If you set a custom error log for PHP, THAT error log will handle newlines.  See the error_log configuration item: