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Blackberry email bounces back with "mailbox is full"

We have a user that cannot receive any e-mails on his Blackberry phone.  He has an exchange account at which is set up to forward everything to his phone's blackberry e-mail address.   However, whenever an e-mail is sent to him, the message bounces back with:

The message could not be delivered because the recipient's mailbox is full.
    < #5.2.2 smtp; 552 5.2.2 Over quota>

He has deleted all messages off of his phone with no change.  This issue has just appeared today, e-mail was working fine before.  Does anyone have any information on how to fix this?

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He needs to cleanup his exchange account INCLUDING deleted items
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so the problem is with the exchange account and not with the blackberry?
Yes, seems to be the case
I still get messages bounced back even while e-mailing his phone's address directly
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Make sure he does not have a mailbox with his ISP/PSP that is full.I have setup blackberrys with vodafone before and had a similar message when the mailbox with vodafone has exceeded its size limit and had to go through the web interface to clear out the mail box and change the settings to remove from the mailbox once its sent to the handheld.
What I would check in the actual BIS account.  If the user has an old BIS account and they haven't logged on a selected to update to the new BIS version they have a mailbox limit (The old BIS use to store email like a webmail account).  It is worth checking as this use to happen all the time on BIS account.