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Unusual Question re: Internet Connections

I have rather unusual situation that I am trying to assist someone with.  I was contacted by a lawyer who represents a child in foster care.  Both this child and a relative of his are quite ill and essentially immobile.  One is located in DC and the other in PA.  The lawyer is attempting to set up a situation where the two can speak while being able to see each other as well.  I figured a webcam is the best way to do this, using one of the many sites that offer such a service.  

This is where the problem enters--the lawyer is not sure of each party's computer/Internet situation, and was planning on bringing his own laptop to the site in DC.  I am also sure that the folks in PA can arrange to use a computer and a web cam as well.  My concern is more about the Internet connection (he is supposed to get back to me re: this), they most likely do not have a fast connection, or possibly not one at all.  Is there any way that one could gain temporary access to a good Internet connection from their respective homes without having to sign up for an actual long-term plan?  (I am envisioning something like a prepaid cell phone; although I have no idea if such a thing exists!)  

If anyone can offer any suggestions on how this may be pulled off, I would greatly appreciate it.  The story really tugged at my heartstrings and I can't bear the thought of two ill people not being able to say goodbye to one another.  Thank you in advance--
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Thank you, that is helpful.  I guess it was the terminology I was unsure of, the term 'air card' will hopefully lead me in the right direction.  I will let you know if this ends up being a viable solution!!!  Thank you for your promt response, I appreciate it.
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you're welcome. i call them air cards. i checked verizon's website and they refer to it as "wireless broadband access".
I was just there too...they seem to only offer them with 2 year contracts; I am assuming most companies wouldn't offer a connection for just a day or even a month; that's where the problem comes in.  Too bad you can't "rent" them...
figures that they want to tie you into something long term. i can't think of any other alternative. anything wired (cable or dsl) into the house will definitately have a term minimum.

i think that verizon will give you some time to "change your mind". you'd just have to pay for usage. do you think this would only be for a month or would it be for longer??
I can't believe it--on a whim, I typed "rent an aircard" into Google and I found a place that supports daily rentals!  They enter the contract and then rent the cards out to people who are traveling, etc.  I guess the term aircard is all I needed!  Thank you so much.
wow, that's good to know. good luck with that!!