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Exchange Information Store not seen by backup software

I'm using Symantec Backup Exec 12, and it is not seeing the Exchange Information Store when creating a selection list. The Exchange Agent license is installed. While speaking with Symantec support, they instructed me to open ntbackup.exe, and we saw that the built in backup application for Windows Server was not able to see the information store either. So... of course Symantec is blaming the issue on the operating system or Exchange. Any ideas?

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Was this an upgrade from 11 to 12?
I just upgrade this way with little issue.  Did you reboot the media server after the upgrade?
Please take a look to this link:
Verify the solution and see if that can resolve your problem?
never mind my post i didn´t read all of your question, sorry
What is the service pack of your exchange?
ok, i think i found something.
This happens when the registry entry corresponding to Exchange icons in the Backup Exec user interface is disabled. This registry entry is normally enabled by default. However, when Backup Exec is upgraded, the registry value may not get updated
Please take a look to this article:
Is not your version but is the same problem.

Please give me your feedback.
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Thank you. Re-installing the service pack did the trick.