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Help Setting up an MCSE Lab

I have a spare server, and a spare desktop (2 if needed) and I want to set up Virtualization and several OS' for testing and for an MCSE lab.

I have MSDN Access to the OS' and Virtual Server.  I also have access to Server 2008 and Hyper-V (also through MSDN).

I want to have the following set up:
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP
Windows Server 2008
Windows Vista

I need help/suggestions for setting up the environment.  What will Virtual PC or Hyper V run on?  How do I find resources (even if I need to pick up a book) to help me set up the lab?  I'll want to run a domain with Server 2003/XP for MCSE and another domain with Server 2008/Vista for testing and simultaneous comparison and eventually for MCSE under Server 2008.
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Can I use 1 Server for both the DC and Member Server?  Can this be done with Virtual Server?

Do the Microsoft Training Kits cover virtualization?  Or do they assume you have multiple boxes?

Thank you for the great advice!
Hum... I would suggest using virtual pc or vmware on a single powerful machine (at most 2) to for your lab. This will avoid unnecessary costs

Hope this helps,
Please let me know if you have any other troubles

Tayhuck: MS TK don't cover virtualization, but everything works fine in virtual environment and there is no need to do some additional steps. Virtual PC is far enough for everything you need to practice and even more. No problem running some 3-4 machines at the same time on 1 PC - of course if you have more of boxes, good for you, but no reasaon to NEED them really.
and yes, you can use one host machine to host both DC and member server, it doesn't matter, it can be also a linux machine or freeBSD or whatever you want.
Thank you for your suggestions!  I just need to find a good site to help me set up VIrtualization, now.