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ISA with 2 External Nic.

Hi Everyone.
im newby with isa server, so i will try to be most detalist with the explanation.
Currently, I have one ISA server 2006 on my remote site (SITE B). this ISA has 2 Nic with Internet Connections (both ADSL, from the same ISP).  NIC A has IP:, and NIC B :
actually, I have established a VPN  with my central site (SITE A), to do this, on the Isa 2006 side, i've created the VPN that use only NIC A.
however, my problem now is that  when i defile the access rule to allow access to internet to my users of the Site B,  the ISA server is using the same NIC of the VPN (NIC A).

I want to setup the ISA 2006 server to use NIC A forVPN traffic and  NIC B  only for Internet traffic. Please any clue will be very Thankful.
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Stephen Manderson
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Hi there,

If you are using an ISA server in 2 nic mode and you have access rules etc then you are in firewall mode in which case the 2 nic's are setup up in such a way that NIC A is the external facing NIC and NIC B is the internal facing NIC in which case your traffic out would always be through b and then out via vpn over a.

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Hi  Manderson:

you are right, the isa is in firewall mode,however, i forgot mention that this server has 1 NIC dedicated (or conected) to the local LAN. so, this server has 3 NIC, one for LAN, and the other 2 are conected to internet. (ADSL).

again, i need to configure the ISA server to use the NIC A Only for VPN traffic, and NIC B only for internet navigation of the users.
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