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Outlook 2007 and Outlook Anywhere issue

I have one client PC on a Windows Domain that will not connect to Exchange Server from INSIDE the LAN.  Form outside it works fine using Outlook Anywhere.  When I connect to the LAN it tries to connect, prompts for authentication (same on all pc's) then immediately goes to the disconnected state.

In addition, Outlook works ok and all other client PC's inside or outisde correctly.

Also, when I access our company website from outisde the LAN the webadress works fine, but when I try to access the same URL from inside I get an error "HTTP 400 Bad Request", OWA from outside the network correctly also.  Both work from the inside if i use "//companyweb/exchange or //companyweb/default.aspx" respectively.
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OK.  In understand the DNS issue, I am not to familiar with DNS so can you help me with the entry?

The external site name is

in the "New Host" window on the DNS server there is "name"  when I enter the website in this bar the FQDN reads, then i enter the IP address of the SBS server and click "add Host" I get an error "The host record could not be created.  The node cannot be created.
I had to create a new primary zone for it to work correctly, but it was a point in the correct direction.
hi douglas, thanks for the points, sorry about the delay in getting back to you. glad you got it sorted!