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Oracle 10g Online backup with RMAN


I have setup an oracle database running one of our inhouse applications on a Linux Red Hat 4 Enterprise OS. Project go live is a few days away and I don't have time to teach myself Oracle backups at this stage. I was hoping a few experts could help me out with the following.

1. What configuration settings do I make to Oracle database and RMAN to prepare for online backups? How do I check that the settings have already been done?
2. what commands do I then run to trigger off a online backup and what script type do you use so it can be scheduled?
3. How do you schedule the online backup?

My plan its to do an online backup to a folder on another partiton and then use rsync to sync the backup over to another server which has tape backup.

I also though of running a script to shutdown the databse, then use rsync to copy the databse to a new location and then startup the database again. Anyone ever use this backup type?

Many Thanks!

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It's a very serious problem to resolve. Your approach is good enough instead of one thing due to my experience. Take a few minutes and write down what will happen in case the database is gone. Is it ok to have a long downtime(several hours/ days)? Who will handle the recovery process? What will be the impact? Is it worth to risk and start the app live without enough knowledge to handle db related problems(backup/recovery). As far as I understand there is no database administrator. Is it acceptable to give such a huge amount of money for licenses and no one to take care about such issues?

I know that my answer is not applicable to your questions but I think that it's worth to think about it before any further actions.

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Thats was the worst paragraph of dribble I've seen in years. please don't post on this thread unless you know how to backup oracle!

Is there no one on experts exchanges that knows how to backup oracle???????

Oracle experts please!!
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