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SQL: Workinghours per month per customer


I have the following data in two tables.
Table1: ID, DateTimeFrom, DateTimeTo   (agenda/scheduler)
Table2: ID, CustomerID
The ID is the keyfield to connect both tables. Table2 can have zero, one or multiple records for the same ID.

Based on these tables I want to create a report that will display the hours spend to each customer in a given month (see below).

How should I set this up with SQL (MS Access)?
After I've coverred the SQL-statements I will use ReportBuilder 10 to create the actual report.

With kind regards,
.....Month: Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Okt  Nov  Dec
Customer 1:   4    3    2    5   12    8    6    7   12   14    3    5
Customer 2:   0    0    1    0    0    2    1    0    0    3    1    0
Customer 3:   8    5    7   24   14   18   16    0   16   21   13   15

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hi, try this
SELECT T2.CustomerID
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=1,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Jan
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=2,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Feb
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=3,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Mar
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=4,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Apr
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=5,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS May
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=6,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Jun
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=7,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Jul
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=8,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Aug
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=9,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Sep
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=10,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Okt
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=11,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Nov
       ,SUM(IIF(Month(DateTimeFrom)=12,DateDiff('n',T1.DateTimeFrom,T1.DateTimeTo),0)) AS Dec
FROM Table1 T1 INNER JOIN Table2 T2 ON (T1.ID=T2.ID)
GROUP BY T2.CustomerID

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Thank you.
Your solution works fine, but it is giving the number of minutes in stead of hours. So I need to divide the outcome with 60 and round it up.
Also there is no year and therefor all event in january of all years will be acummulated.

Do you have some solution for this too?
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That's it. Thank you very much.
you're welcome ;)