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Vista not detecting WD Studio external 1TB drive through esata or firewire but USB ok.

As title say, can connect external WD Hard drive via USB and Vista detects it ok. When I try the esata port or firewire neither are detected at all.

Set it up originally on my frineds Vista PC, and worked fine with esata. Bought it home and getting the problem described. No esata or firewire detection - only USB.

And yes I have checked to make sure the external sata sockets are connected to the SATA ports on the Motherboard. The drive IS detected by the BIOS. But not by (my) Vista.

WD site says that vista driver is installed off the drive on connect? Not sure if this is the case but doesn't seem to be detected.

Need to get esata going urgently as I need to work with these files tonight and transferring them off via USB will take hours and hours...(video prodcution files)
Any ideas?
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This may be another crappy Vista driver plug and pray issues. If the drive is known good with another pc then maybe the issue is with the vista/chipset sata interface. So maybe try buying a esata card with its own drivers. Research the card to make sure that Vista plays nice with it. What kind of expansion slots do you have available?
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