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VMware Static IP addresses

Hi, I have 2 virtual machines both running Windows server 2003. I am trying to implement a parent child relationship between the 2 and use a dhcp server from the parent machine. I have set both the machines to use static ip addresses but i cant get them to ping each other. I am using a stand alone pc to host the virtual machines and the virtual machines are set up with NAT as their connection type which i believe makes use of the VMWare DHCP. Can anyone help me to connect the machines using static ip addresses
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You need to reconfigure both of your virtual machines to use "Bridged" networking. Then set the "parent" servers Ip address to static. The second server should now be able to get a password from the first servers DHCP service.

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Is it possible to use bridged networking without using any external equipment? I have set both virtual machines to use bridged networking and i have set the parent machine to use ip, subnet mask of and have left the default gateway black? is this correct?
On the second machine i have told it to aquire its ip automatically and have told it to get its dns from There is a limited or no commectivity icon on the second machine and when i tried to ping it says desination host unavailable?
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HI Jonesey

You don't need bridged. If you only want the two machines to see each other and not external use "Host only".

Thanks StuFox100

Ive now setup 3 virtual machines with host only connections. That has half fixed my problem. I have set 2 of the machines to use ip addresses and and they can ping each other fine. I have now introduced a third machine and given it an ip address of (i.e on another subnet) on the 3 machine cannot comunicated with the other two. Am i at the point where i have to look at creating a virtual switch/router? or is this something i should be able to do with standard vmware. thanks for all your help
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Thanks for the reply Stu, the reason ive got is because im trying to replicate a domain structure we will be deploying in work, i have attached an image file to show you what i mean. Obviously the names are fictional before you think im a complete loon

thanks again for the help
Just got to the bottom of the problem, i ended up creating a new virtual machine and gave it 4 network cards and configured it as a router. Everything works fine now, i used this document as a starting point
thanks for all the help guys