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Folder Redirection Folder Permissions

I have a server 2003 network and have just implemented folder redirection for my docs and desktop items - and roaming profiles for users settings.

I shared a folder called PROFILES with EVERYONE-FULL CONTROL and added setting in gpo to add admininistrators to roaming profiles. Then i configured the path on the users profile tab and when i login as two different users: a1 and a2, they cannot open eachothers profile folder which is great.

Then when I shared a folder called: users - for the folder redirection, i used a guide on the internet for share permissions. a1 can access a2's docs and vice versa.

I have attached 2 screenshots - can anyone help with the permissions?

Thank you

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Thats the defaultmate, the reason being is that the users arent supposed to know that thier folders are bing redirected, remember they are accessing them from thier profile, what to do is make the share a hidden share by adding a $ at the end of the share name that way noone can accidently stumble on the share. Failing that you will need to do it one by one :(
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there must be a way, i am sure of it.
Of course there is, you can set the permissions on the shared folder and remove the permissions for everyone and authenticated users, it will then not propigate to the subfolders on creation, I was just offering the easy way out (though admittedly this one isnt that much harder.)
I'd suggest several things:
1. Remove the Everyone group from the share permissions and replace it with Authenticated users (they should have full control to the Profiles folder, that's correct).
2. In the policy where you configure the folder redirection - there is a setting stating something like "Grant users exclusive access to their folders". Make sure this one is enabled and it should do the work with NTFS permissions automatically.
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Thanks for the points, hope everything is going good.