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How to remove Symantec Corp 10.2 from XP Pro

Trying to remove Corp version 10.2 from a windows xppro to replace with Symantec AntiVirus 2008, went through the normal add remove programs to uninstall, did not go as usual, it removed through add/remove programs but the Symantec Antivirus directory is still in Program files.  Downloaded the removal tool from the symantec website and when I run it I receive the following message:
The following programs were found on this computer.  These must be removed through "Add/Remove Programs" before Norton Removal Tool can proceed. 'Symantec AntiVirus 9 or later'
It's a catch 22 because there is nothing listed in add/remove programs.  How can I get rid of this so I can install the product 2008?
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You can try locate the Symantec folder from C:\Program Files\...
Then try to find if there is a uninstall.exe (or something like that).

It sounds like you tried to use the Retail Norton Removal Tool - and you cannot use this to remove corporate products.
Use the corporate removal tool - nonav.
It is on the 10.2 AV media - or downloadable from here:
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Yes, good link - but as I said - the best version to use is the one on the Symantec AV 10.2 media.
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downloaded your link, worked like a charm
thank you for the assistance