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Flash: OnMouseOut, roll the movie back

I asked the same question earlier and got an answer but haven't got it to work properly.

So basically I have a menu of 6 buttons. OnMouseOver I would like the to increase in size from the
center of the image, so it expands with the same precentage in all directions.

When mouse out, it reverts back to beginning.

If there is a AS to do this thats fine or if the is a way for me to loop back in my "over" section for the button movie that would be great for me to know in the future as well.

Many thanks
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Thank Najh.

It works fine. Sometimes when you move the mouse from one menu to another (they are place quite near each other, or almost touching when increased in size) the menus starts flicking very very fast as it can't decide which menu to play.

Any ideas?
yes, i noticed that - i guess that's just a symptom of that particular method.
I guess one way around it would be to use some kind of token system so that one item cannot enlarge until the other has shrunk and so on.  So you'd hold a variable which is checked before the next iteration of the enlarge code. If the variable is "clear" then the enlargement operation can go ahead, otherwise it can't. Once the item has shrunk then this variable is cleared - that kind of thing.