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How can I take one .psd or .tiff file from PS to Dreamweaver but be able to make pieces of the file links?

Hi all! :)

I'm a beginner with PS and Dreamweaver CS3. I bought it to play around with. My question is this:
How can I take a file that I got from a client that was made in PS and break it into chunks so that different pieces or buttons are links to other pages in the site or a general hyperlink? What I have done to get around this is cut out the layer I need to be a hyperlink, then take it into MS Expression Web using layers and put it on top of the other or "main" art file. I know there has got to be a way to do this in CS3 but do not know how. When I try to add the file or "button" back to the main art file once it is inserted into Dreamweaver, it sees the "main" file or skin as 1 huge image and wants me to place other images below or on top or on either side..???
But if I try to just take the entire file into DW I am unable to select my "buttons" in the center of the screen. When I try to make it a link or work with it at all it just takes the entire image or page and makes that my link which is obviously not what I'm trying to achieve. Any help would be much appreciated!
The CS3 Web package is awesome but intimadating having not ever used it!
I have very little knowledge of this subject (as you can probably tell by my question). so please make answers as step by step as possible.
Thanks in advance!
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