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Can I use Remote Desktop?

Is there a way to use Windows Remote Desktop (or any other free program) to access a WIN2000 server?
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you can use VNC server to remote a windows 2000 server, or you can enable windows terminal services on windows 2000 in services.msc and use RDP after that
I use VNC alot - I find it more useful to 'see' what's happening at the console, rather than in a new session - BUT some people might argue VNC is less secure than RDP.  I'm not a security expert and my servers aren't publicly accessible - I've never had a problem with VNC.  UltraVnc offers an encryption plugin as well, although I'm not sure what level of security it really adds.

RDP works fine too and may give you some features VNC won't (ie.. printing to a local printer).

Both VNC and RDP have their uses.

I tend to use VNC since it is more lightweight and doesn't cause anything to slow the server down by initiating a TS user logon separate from the console logon. RDP is useful if you know an admin is using the console session of the server, or if you want to perform what you are doing in a separate user session to the console. The only other benefits of using RDP over VNC are when you need to be able to access the disk drives in the local computer (the one you're physically sitting at) from the remote machine, perhaps if you have drivers to download remotely from CD or something. You can achieve very similar behaviour with printers and by using the clipboard in an RDP session (you can't in VNC) too.

As for security I don't trust RDP or VNC encryption or security (particularly the free version of VNC which offers no encryption) and I would never open their ports up for internet access; I've heard too many stories of people breaking into them rather easily. Instead if you need to do remote control of the server, you're much better off setting up a simple PPTP VPN (which does much better encryption IMO anyway) to log in to the network from outside, then initiate an unsecured (or less secure) VNC or RDP session over that secure link. - Free Version is usually sufficient
tigermatt has a good point - if you are looking to access the server over the internet, use a VPN - my comments above were assuming you wanted LAN access only.
If you do want access via the internet then an alternative free solution is GoToMyPC
logmein is another great free solution
I've used RDP for remote management since BEFORE 2000 was officially released... and for remote management of every subsequent version of Windows.  I have observed NO PROBLEMS with doing so and it's performance - even on 2000 - is the fastest remote access application I've seen.  The only time I would use RealVNC or another app is for remotely controlling a system that REQUIRED me to connect to it without "locking" the workstation so that I could assist a user in resolving an issue (on any version of Windows) or if I were using an NT4 system.  Otherwise, stick to RDP would be my advice.  As for the Encryption, it SHOULD be just fine, but I don't like opening ports on a firewalls... I would just setup a VPN and then remotely connect to a system via RDP once a VPN connection was established.
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That will do it. I will be accessing the 2000 machine via a VPN. But KCTS: GoToMyPC is a paid service from Cisco. In fact, it is what I'm getting rid of.