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FTP-login problem on Windows Server 2003 R2

I have set up the FTP-service on Server 2003 and opened port 21 in our router to allow for access from the Internet. Folder security should allow users to logon from the LAN or Internet. I am however only able to access the FTP-site from the actual server, but not from other network computers or from the Internet. What happens when I try accessing from the Internet is that the Logon dialog appears and accepts the username and password but then nothing happens (times out after a while).

I would appreciate it if anyone have some hint to what might be the problem.
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What about tcp port 20 on the firewall? It should be allowed as well.
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You'll need both ports 20 and 21.
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I have opened both ports, but the problem is the same. What system user accounts need to have access to the ftp-folder?
OK. Checked ports with GRC Shields Up - port 20 isn't open although it should be. The problem must be one or more settings on the Windows 2003 R2 server since the router settings should have ports open now?
Do you have a firewall on the server itself?
If you are using Internet explorer 7, it will ask for Username and logon. Once you supply those nothing seems to happen until you go to the tools drop down list, (or was it page), and click on view this ftp site.
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