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unable to play the video

i am trying to view a video online. It uses Divx player. i have installed the latest version of Divx player. but still iam unable to view the video. It throws the error as attached. Please help.
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Use this free and it can play almost video format:
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hi punky,
I will try this out.. but forgot to add... i am trying to view online.
if you have the link have someone else try it to make sure its only your computer that will not play it.

if the download doesn't complete or is not perfect it may give you that error.

here is the link... dont worry about the language :-)
I know divx works on my computer, and it doesnt work. the link is broken.

Ill let you know if i find out more.
sorry,  i can't seem to find even one divx movie on that site that works.
they have quite a few quicktime and others that do work though.

heres a test link of someones dog that has been produced in divx.
Thanks for your effort dauman... is there any way i can save that video from the net to my comp and then watch it?
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